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Free shopping cart, E-commerce internet solutions,  Shopping cart
Online Free shopping cart, E-commerce solution, E-commerce shopping cart software
Free shopping cart,  E-commerce internet solutions,  Customize solutions
Free shopping cart, E-commerce solution, E-commerce shopping cart software
Online shopping cart, discount shopping online, E-commerce solutions
Customize solutions, online store,  Free shopping cart
Online store, E-commerce internet solutions,  customize solutions
Online store, E-commerce internet solutions,  customize solutions
Discount shopping online, E-commerce solutions, Free shopping cart

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Real Time Webstats
We offer WEBSTATS Solutions from deepmetrix absolutely free for our shopping cart customer, whereas other compititive sites charges $99 per month for the services.

To check the real time webstats of one of our shopping cart customer, please click on the button.

please use the following data to check the stats :-

Domain Name
 WEBSTATS main features
With our WEBSTATS, you get incredible features that let you stay on top of your web site, in tune with your visitors, and ahead of your campaigns. Hosted or installable, you get the same great features, including unlimited custom reporting.
Click Streams *NEW FEATURE! URL Parameters
Hosted or Installable Interactive Visualization
Professional Reports
E-mailing and Exporting
Custom Reports Accurate Web Statistics
Search Engine Marketing Complete Out-of-the-Box Software
Conversion Convenient Hosted Service
 Click Streams *NEW FEATURE!
View click stream site path data in easy-to-interpret visual reports.

• The Overlay Click Stream Analysis report opens web pages directly in
WEBSTATS and overlays key navigational statistics on top of every link.

• For any page on your site, the Interactive Click Stream Analysis report 'tree' shows exactly how visitors got there and where they went next.

• Click stream web statistics are always live and up-to-the-second.

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Click stream reports let you measure link strength, link popularity, and navigation patterns at-a-glance.
 Hosted or Installable
You have a choice with WEBSTATS. You can subscribe to the monthly service, or you can buy and run the software yourself.
Webstats Service, We Host It!
No software, no hardware, no maintenance, no hassles!

Take advantage of our fast and redundant hardware and secure data center.

Pay monthly and avoid up-front software/hardware investment.
Webstats Software, You Host It!
An excellent choice if outsourcing is not an option.

Run and manage the software on your network. You control the installation.

High traffic web sites may save in the long run.
 Professional Reports

You get a full suite of rich and interactive reports that deliver live, up-to-the-second web statistics.

• Detailed traffic reports show unique visitors, visits and repeat visits.

• Page reports reveal popular entry and exit pages, time spent on pages, and more.

• Executive summaries keep managers and colleagues up-to-date.

• Geographic reports breakdown visits by country and continent.

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You also get search engine and keyword reports, and content grouping to organize similar web pages.
 Custom Reports

Track marketing campaigns, web site conversions, URL parameters, page scenarios, and more.

• Custom reporting is a standard feature for all
Webstats customers.

• Track all of your marketing campaigns, including e-mail, search engine, banner, and print.

• Configuration wizards make custom reporting quick and easy.

• Full documentation and User Guides are available to assist you in our Customer Care Center.

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Custom reporting can track URL parameters such as web site search and pay-per-click (PPC) keywords.
 Search Engine Marketing

Track organic and paid keywords. Know which search engines and keywords are sending the most visits.

• Easily see which popular search engines are sending the most visits.

• A suite of keyword reports show every organic keyword used to find your web site.

• Custom reporting lets you track your Google and Overture pay-per-click (PPC) keywords.

• Use keyword reports to help you optimize your web site for better search engine ranking.

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Use custom reporting to create simple search engine and keyword conversion reports.
Use custom reporting to measure conversion from referral sources such as e-mail campaigns, or from one web page to another.

• Measure campaign effectiveness. Are visitors from campaigns downloading? Registering?

• Track web page sequences such as the steps in a registration process.

• Conversion reports are simple to create with easy-to-use custom report wizards.

• Track conversion from campaigns and keywords.

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Measure product literature interest level and other simple scenarios with conversion reports.
 URL Parameters

Capture single or multiple URL parameters from your dynamic URLs to simplify page tracking on complex dynamic web sites.

• Track the keywords that visitors use to search and locate content within your web site.

• Easily track dynamic content such as news articles, products and real-estate properties.

• Intuitively label parameters and reports with meaningful names.

• URL parameter analysis is simple to setup.

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Capture parameters passed from e-mail campaigns, partner sites, and more.
 Interactive Visualization

For over 8 years, customers have chosen WEBSTATS web analytics solutions for their rich and interactive visualization.

• Report tables, lists, graphs and maps help you comprehend your website stats at a glance.

• Page aliasing lets you rename long and ambiguous page URLs as meaningful page titles.

• Prediction and comparison figures show averages, like-period comparisons, trends and forecasts.

• View all reports for any day, week or month in accumulated history.

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Icons for web browsers, countries and search engines make WEBSTATS easy to use.
 E-mailing and Exporting
Easily print, e-mail and export your website analysis reports and share information with management and colleagues.

• Print reports directly from your web browser, complete with tables, graphs and maps.

• E-mail reports in rich HTML or print ready, archive quality PDF formats.

• Export reports in CSV (comma delimited), XML and PDF formats.

• Easily integrate your web stats into spreadsheets and databases.

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Keep management informed by scheduling Executive Summaries to their inboxes.
 Accurate Web Statistics

It's all about the people. Webstats tracks real people, not just hits, views and impressions.

WEBSTATS uses accurate page tagging technology to collect visitor data.

• Page tagging avoids the obstacles that obstruct traditional log analysis.

• It sees through firewalls and proxy servers to track unique visitors, repeat visitors and sites paths.

• With page tagging, you see accurate unique visitors, not IP addresses.

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WEBSTATS also sees into browser and proxy caches to capture every single page view.
 Complete Out-of-the-Box Software
WEBSTATS software owners can count on a scalable and robust package that is easy to setup and hassle-free to manage.

WEBSTATS solutions are used in data centers worldwide on web sites with millions of pages.

• A built-in maintenance system keeps
WEBSTATS running efficiently.

WEBSTATS runs on Windows 2003, XP or 2000 and supports web sites on any platform.

• Create as many user accounts as you need.

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Every WEBSTATS software owner receives the first 12 months of support and maintenance free.
 Convenient Hosted Service
WEBSTATS service subscribers benefit from the ease and convenience of a monthly service.

WEBSTATS is hosted in a state-of-the-art secure data center that guarantees 100% uptime.

• You can login securely to view your live reports 24-7, 365 days a year.

• Our high-end hardware delivers reports to your browser quickly.

• Subscribe and go live! Just add the script to your web pages and start analyzing your data.

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Every Webstats service subscriber receives 6 annual support tickets plus all service updates.

To discuss your web analytics requirements with one of our Representatives, contact the Sales Team at 800-530-3399, or by e-mailing sales@

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