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E-commerce Shopping Cart Solutions :-

Shopping Cart the customized solution around your business, the e-commerce solutions molded according to your needs, fully scalable from small to enterprise solutions and all this at reasonable price with 24X7 support; give us a call 909-634-3900 Go for the Cadillac of all the shopping cart software hosted.

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Online Shipping
Print labels directly from orders. Stop re-keying address info. Online Shipping Solutions from UPS, Fed-ex & USPS. Free integration with shopstorenow shopping cart.
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E-commerce Website Design Services :

Do you have the feeling that your Web site designer is more interested in winning graphic design awards than caring about your business issues?

Did you pay to have your Web site built as a dynamic site only to wonder why it is not indexed by search engines?

Yet it’s simple : Before outsourcing the design of your site to a professional, ask yourself what his or her main
motivations will be. Our #1 goal is to help you increase sales and profits.



24 X 7 Technical Support
Merchants find exceptional value in the quality of Shopstorenow client support. We stand behind our e-commerce software and shopping cart solutions by offering rapid response merchant support. Phone, email, live chat and online support…we’re here 24 hours, 7 days a week to answer all of your questions.
  Our Shopping Cart Software
  Help You to Make money!

A Shopping Cart by itself is not going to make you money. We will also work with you, sharing our experience, to help you build an online store and website that will attract customers and sell product. We tell you all the tricks of the trade, how to rank on search engines, how to get the most out of pay per clicks, what pay per clicks to use and pay for inclusion search engines. We will talk on everything from email marketing to site analysis and content. Better still we will help with the tools to achieve this.

Shopstorenow e-commerce solution software do it yourself e-commerce solution incorporates features for in-experienced users as well as html code warriors and developers.

Shopstorenow comes as a complete package that in its simplest operation is a point and click process that can build your site and have you operational in minutes. Shopstorenow can also be used in-conjunction with Front-Page or any other editing software to give you complete control over your creation.

Our shopping cart solution operates on any server. There are no requirements from your web-host.

You have complete control over your business and its operation.

"This easy to use fully managed e-commerce Solution will allow your retail and wholesale business offer range of online services to boost customers' satisfaction and increase customer's loyalty to your company and products leading to greater profits!"
  Customer Reviews :
We've been using your shopping cart for over a year now, and I want to thank you for this excellent product. When I've needed it, your service has always been fast and highly effective. The cart is easy to use and maintain - we're very happy to have found you.
I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with Shopstorenow. Fantastic!
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Trusted By Over 700 Customer
Shopping Cart Features, Benefits
  One page checkout   50 Payment gateways
  Sell Digital Products   HTML Generation
  Quantity Discount   Customized Solutions
  Store Admin   HTML Editor
  Free Live Chat   Shipping & Tax
  Sales Analysis   Inventory Integrated
  Accounting Module   Inbuilt Adv Campaign
Control Store Look   Create your Shopping List
UPS, USPS & Fedex   Integration.  Auto Generation of title,   keyword & description of   product pages.
Search Engine Friendly

Techwave shopping cart software provides everything you need to build, update and maintain an online store.

We are providing static HTML pages that are search engine friendly.

With just a mouse click you can setup all the meta tags, title, alt tags etc.
Shopstorenow can provide you with a complete, front-to-back e-commerce solution or the tools necessary to successfully complete an online purchase. Whatever your needs, we have the right solution for you.
We offer a variety of e-commerce solutions to accommodate your specific need, including:
Complete web store hosting and maintenance
Tools for pulling pricing, tax, shipping, stock, and order total
Web and email order processing
Electronic Software Delivery (ESD)
Supports real-time credit card processing
Web customer service response
Specialized IT team for your technical support
If you already have an e-commerce site
Shopstorenow can implement and manage your e-commerce solution for a complete, integrated fulfillment solution. We can create an entire storefront for you or simply add a "BUY NOW" button to your current site. Customers can place an order on our secure system and get instant verification of product availability, pricing, tax calculation, shipping cost, total order cost and order confirmation.
If you do not have an e-commerce site
You can start an e-store as low as US$ 49. Our Shopping cart solutions allows to create your online E-Store in minutes and you don't require any outside help from anybody and you need not to have any skills for this. This tool provides the most comprehensive solution for E-commerce/ Online stores None of our competitors provides the kind services that we provide such as total inventory management, Accounts, CRM, Sales Analysis to name a few.

So in nutshell we are giving you a total Online ERP solution with all the tools to create your own E-store and everything is so easy to manage that you will never need any outside help
Customer Solutions
If you are frustrated with off shelve solutions and are looking for customized solution or your business needs have grown Please call 909-634-3900 for consultation, our team has developed, hundreds of solutions for business with rapid delivery. Most of the customized solutions are deployed within a week. Join the orange team and take your business to the next level.
Back Office Support Solutions
Is your business is looking for support personnel, to man the help desk, answer calls, verify credit cards or any support task please call 909-634-3900 for immediate consultation and price quote, the Orange team can join your company usually within 24 hrs.
Independence !
Independence!!! If you use one of the "bundled" carts that come with your website hosting, what happens if that host doesn't work out? If you move your site to another host, your shopping cart doesn't work anymore. With Shopstorenow, you can move whenever you need to, and your Shopstorenow shopping cart will keep right on working, even during that difficult "transition period".
Free Shopping Cart for a limited time.
Have you been looking for an ecommerce solution that allows you too quickly and easily setup your e-commerce store and start selling immediately? Your search is over! With ShopStoreNow, you can literally create your e commerce store with built in shopping cart software within minutes just by pointing & clicking. With our secured shopping cart its easy and fast. No banner advertising.
SSL for your store
SSL For your Store. Share certificate is free for all but if you interested in individual certificate then charges are $80 per year.
Automatically Download Electronic Products
If you sell PDF documents, software files, images, e-books etc this feature is for you. Let the store automatically deliver your electronic files to the customers so you don't have to. Upon successfully purchase your customer is given a link to download their product. That link is automatically protected so that the purchaser cannot send it to friends.
More demanding customers
Online customers have become more sophisticated and less tolerant. They are more informed and have higher expectations then ever before. Governments have released new shopping cart, e-commerce laws and website browsers are changing constantly. Internet search engines such as Google continuously adjust the ways in which they list Web-sites.

To stay on top and to make sure that e-commerce remains easy for you , we have to constantly develop and improve our solutions. This means adding new functions and features, reviewing how ShopStoreNow works and adjusting functions to make them comply with new laws.
World of experience
Keeping a big e-commerce solution such as ShopStoreNow up to date with the fast developing world of e-commerce is a big task. It requires a lot of experience, dedication, stamina and forward thinking . Which is why we have seen many e-commerce solution providers come and go.

We didn't just grow to where we are today by chance. Most of our income goes straight back into development - so we can provide you with the best e-commerce and shopping cart solutions possible. And most of our development relies on much more than our own experience.

You can not only create your own E-store but can also manage your online Inventory of the products as well the complete accounting system in fact you can manage every business process of yours online, which you are doing at you local system and can access the real time info anywhere anytime. You can migrate all your local computing to web and manage
everything online

Just take a Free Trial and you will be surprised with the services we are offering we know the future of all the business process lies on web and everything has to becomes online as faster info means faster decisions there by better Sales and Profits.

E-Commerce package Includes
FREE shopping cart
• 35 professionally-designed and customizable templates in 5 colors
• Accept credit card payments via 42 integrated real-time payment
• Start your own affiliate program and recruit affiliates immediately
• Sell instantly downloadable digital goods
• Hassle-free inventory control management
and much more....
Search Engine Optimization
More than just online shopping cart software, shopstorenow offers total e-commerce solutions, including bundled, customizable components typically sold separately at a much higher cost. Our e-commerce software includes shopping cart software, ROI tracking software, search engine statistics software, e-mail marketing software, affiliate software, SEO optimization software, e-commerce Web Hosting by shopstorenow, and much more. You won't have to shop around for disparate providers of your company's e-commerce solutions, wasting time, energy and money working with five different companies; shopstorenow provides the best e-commerce software, asp shopping cart software and e-commerce solutions, at one low price.
Software Features
Shopstorenow is a complete e-commerce solution for small and medium-sized business. Our shopping cart software offers the tools you need to build an online business - flexible storefront design, e-commerce inventory control, order management, customer relationship management and Web analytics. Shopstorenow also equipped with UPS, USPS and FedEx shipping calculation, search engine friendly product pages, side-bar shopping cart, newsletter management and more. See our full Shopping Cart feature list.
Database-Driven Shopping Cart - Easy Online Store Management & Administration

Retrieve / access your complete database - Import / Export using Excel spreadsheet: Review / manage your transaction records through online retrieval of your Website database: Sales, orders, visitors, shipments, payments, customers, and inventory control. Domain and E-Mail account management. Print Labels and Track shipments. Use our integrated E-Commerce tools to promote your Website and generate more sales. Analyze visitor statistics to improve marketing - Froogle submission - PPC conversion tracking for Google Ad-words and Yahoo.

Our Company's staff has a wide range of experience crossing platform, languages, industries and devices. Our project managers and engineers are some of the best in the industry at developing drivers, applications, and algorithms. It much easier for you to allow us to develop, finish, or test your project.
Cross Platform. Do you need a solution that works across Mac, Windows, Linux, Unix or other platform? Or do you need a java app that each of these platforms can access from a browser?
Not Enough Resources. Do you need GUI art to finish a project? Do you need another pair of eyes to do testing? Do you have an SDK but need someone to build an application or plug-in around it?
Not Enough Knowledge. Do you need something beyond your technical expertise? You know what you want the final project to be but just don't know how to do the match behind? Do you need an algorithm, computer model or neural net?
In today's provider environment, operating at optimal efficiency is paramount. Back office operations, such as accounts payable, human resources and compliance, certainly are no exception. Our Company allows providers to automate back office operations, reduce costs and create competitive advantage.
Our Company empowers organizations to manage and route the documents associated with these operations throughout an organization electronically, regardless of location. Using the workflow capabilities of Our Company, documents are routed to users in accordance with established business rules, thus mimicking the existing paper-based processes. As a result of rules-based processing and movement of documents through an organization, the time spent performing low-value manual tasks involved with the physical link and handling of paper is significantly reduced, freeing employees to spend time in functions that contribute more value to the business.
The open architecture of the system enables seamless integration with existing back office software applications to fully leverage their capabilities as well as maximize user acceptance and minimize the burden put on IT staff.
Programming Languages:
ASP , PHP, Perl, Cold Fusion, JSP, SQL, XML/XSL, JavaScript, VBScript, Java, HTML/DHTML, UML, WML, C/C++ (STL, STLPort, OTL, ATL, MFC, ICQ), Pascal, Delphi, Visual Basic, Flash, COM/DCOM/ActiveX, Windows interfaces (ADO, DAO, ODBC, RDO, OO40, OLE), RDBMS, WAP, CGI, ISAPI.
DBase clones
IIS, Apache, Tomcat, WebLogic, WebSphere, iPlanet, Dynamo, Borland, JRun, NES
Programmers on Rent :
Unified price for any skills man-hour, Only $20 per hour! You may have a direct access to the developer, manage your projects yourself giving tasks and fully controlling your time and results!
Specialists available for your service:
ASP |PHP | Perl | MySQL | Programmers .NET | MSSQL programmers HTML \ CSS \ Java Script programmers Web Designers Flash Designers Testers Project Managers Marketing Managers Call center operators
You can have a try without any major investments!The smallest payment term is only one week!
We Guarantee Resources Availability, Professional Skills and Proficiency in English!
Our Company has an in depth experience at coming up with web based solutions for your business. Most of our clients have realized that there are cost saving by moving applications to the web so they can be accessed anywhere from a browser. Unfortunately, these applications go well beyond what is easily done in html.
e-commerce. Are you unhappy with what you can do with your existing e-commerce store? Would like to increase your web sales by 20% just by changing your store? Would you like to cut down on the clicks it takes for a customer to purchase from your web site? Would you like to be able to offer coupons, sales and repetitive billing easily?
Content Management. Do you have data which you would like to give certain people access to it in a limited fashion? Would you like people to be able to download selective reports? Would like people to be able to upload files, pictures or documents into your data base? Do you need capture data for search, retrieval and records?
XML Schemes. Do you need to transform data into specific XML formats for transmission across networks? Do you need to interpret XML files into displayable data? Do you need XML formats developed for Schemes in your industry?
Our Company knows that the best software or web site is not good enough unless it is presented well. We also know that there are very few people who can create an icon, interface, or button that conveys an idea about what its function does. Our Company has evolved its custom graphics department to keep up with the more and more complicated elements that web sites and application require to be competitive.
Web Site Art. Do you have a web site that looks bland, out of date, or just needs a new look? Do you want a graphic or button that defines what you do? Do you need to update your artwork or images on your web site?
Application Graphics. Do you want an application to have the look that Apple, Microsoft or Adobe have in their applications? Do you have trouble creating icons and buttons that look good at small sizes or different views? Do you need to add some color to your user interface? Does your product need a refresh?
Flash/3D Max Presentations. We are create Flash/3D Max presentation for your company and website. Our designers are already working with number of USA based clients for their Graphics/Flash needs
Shopstorenow customer service team has been on the frontline for some of the most successful products ever launched, including the Palm Pilot.
Our qualified customer service representatives are very courteous, professional, and well trained. Representatives have up-to-the-minute information at their fingertips using our integrated ordering system to offer accurate and expedient service. Within seconds they can assist your customers' needs, from taking an order, answering product and billing questions to tracking an order and providing an RMA. Our quick, efficient and cost-effective services have resulted in very high customer satisfaction for both our clients and their customers.
Shopstorenow's high capacity and scalable call center phone system incorporates skill based routing so all your calls get automatically distributed to the most qualified and trained representatives for efficient, high quality service. Our representatives are there to service your domestic and international customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Guaranteed!
Our customer care services are seamless to your customers:
Phone orders Online chat / Live Chat
Pre-sales questions Email and fax correspondence
Inside sales Direct mail processing
Upgrade order processing Shipment tracking
Order/account status Credit Card Processing
Technical support Literature requests
Back Office Accounting Data Entry
You can count on Shopstorenow to provide only the best, high quality services to help build and nurture excellent customer relationships for the success of your business.
Cost Advantages- BPO provides an accounting advantage - financial engineering with regard to assets, staff and infrastructure
Innovation and speed to market- Ability of the outsourcer to do things which an organization cannot do on its own or does not have the domain expertise.
Increased customer satisfaction, more efficient operations by focused effort on customer service by the outsourcer.
Economy of scale - BPO provides the flexibility to respond to a rapidly changing marketplace and scale operations up or down as conditions dictate
Business risk Mitigation by capitalizing on the outsourcer's knowledge of local laws, infrastructure, processes and expertise.
Rapid access to high quality practices at the outsourcer's end.
Availability to skilled personnel also increases the quality of service. Outsourcing a process also means the buyer no longer has to manage the head count. Recruiting and retaining talent in a tight market is difficult. The level of difficulty increases with the specialized knowledge required. The outsourcer, on the other hand, is adept at attracting the best and the brightest in its field.
Shorter project delivery times due to the expertise of the outsourcer with regard to transition of business processes to the offshore site.
Using the time difference to your favor, especially where the offshore company provides support or maintenance.
Better control over operations. Internal resources can now focus on core customer service processes.
Shopstorenow extensible enterprise e-commerce software, powered by industry leading technology, offers powerful enterprise web store solutions that are easy to deploy and maintain.
Key Benefits
Quickly deploy sophisticated e-commerce solutions that integrate with critical business systems for streamlined sales and fulfillment processes
Drive online sales with a rich shopper experience complemented by advanced discounting, upsell, and promotional features
Robust Microsoft SQL Server database/Oracle 10i Server offers stability and scalability across load-balanced, redundant web servers
Enterprise modules extend shopstorenow to meet business and integration needs
Design, custom development, and training services ensure rapid deployment
Enterprise e-commerce solutions start with no transaction fees.
Why Outsource?
Whatever your business, from manufacturing to publishing, your core specialty is not getting your goods in your customers' hands. As essential as it is to your sales success, fact is, that just isn't what you do best.
Experts in fulfillment have years of knowledge, experience, and economical systems in place that companies like yours are able to capitalize upon to increase productivity, customer satisfaction and revenue savings that go directly to your bottom-line.
Outsourcing your fulfillment allows your company to focus on its core competencies to develop new products, grow market share and increase revenues.
From a pure cost-efficiency standpoint, outsourcing can:
 Reduce your labor costs considerably
 Eliminate the need to lease warehouse space
 Cut expenses i.e. rent, insurance, equipment, supplies, and
 Costs tied directly to activity -- variable costs vs. fixed costs
 Ultimately lower overall costs with increased efficiency and
By outsourcing your fulfillment, you'll benefit from lower overall operating costs, state-of-the-art technology and systems, increased efficiency, controlled overhead costs and scalability.
The company is well established with offices in Los Angeles, New York, London, china & New Delhi, the listing with NASDAQ should be done by early next year.
We Provide complete solution for order fulfillment including inventory management, shipping, warehousing with more that 500,000 sq foot of warehousing in Los Angeles, New York, London, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.
Fully integrated with ups and FedEx with bulk distribution solutions. From storage, order fulfillment to customer service, a complete solution for e-commerce, distributors and other companies.
For you IT Outsourcing Requirements.
We provides full range of IT Consulting services. Starting from particular technical consulting on hardware and software selection you need for your business, to business consulting, when you need to start up your IT company or establish an IT branch for your existing business.
Some of the Key features are as follows
Each project gets a project manager based in U.S.A for the
All contracts and transactions are done with the U.S.A based co
High Credit Rating by Dunn & Bradstreet.
Great Track record on completing projects on time.
Unified price for any skills man-hour, can be as low as Only $10
  per hour!
You may have a direct access to the developer, manage your projects yourself giving tasks and fully controlling your time and results!
Our hard-working IT professionals and coaching managers will make sure that your visions come true.
Assign work to us and relax as we help you grow your business.
As your IT outsourcing needs change we change with you.
We have Development centers in India, China, and USA, to provide you 24/7 hours services leveraging the advantages of various time zones.
Quick books Integration
Search Engine Optimization Features
Bulk Import at Shopstorenow
Shopping cart integration with your existing website
UPS, USPS, Fedex Shipping integration with Shopstorenow
Free Live Chat Online
Payment Gateway solution with Shopstorenow
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  Merchant Accounts
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  SEO Services
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  Multiple Currency
Have your own Currency
Domain Names
with every paid account
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of the website with
Built-in editor
no html knowledge needed
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